I had the BEST time shooting an engagement session on Valentine's! It was totally amazing! These two are so in love and they kept me laughing the.whole.shoot. It was awesome! I love how their pictures turned out! I usually try to write a bit with each shoot, but this time I'm just going to share these pictures! Enjoy!


12/01/2016 7:32am

What a great couple! They look so happy together! It's a good photo session.

04/11/2017 7:36am

I'm so happy looking at the pics you have. You look serious with each other. I can examine how happy you are being together. The glow in your eyes makes the picture bloom more. The shot was very simple, but the theme is something extraordinary. I wish I could see my own valentine in the future. I was so happy for the both of you. Congratulations in advance to everyone! May you share with us the most awaited day of your life, which is your wedding. Thank you!

02/02/2017 12:24pm

You are such a lovely couple. You look so good together. Love is very evident in your faces. The places that you chose for background are all good too. It adds beauty and perfection to your pictures. I am thankful that you shared this post to us. Thank you for letting us see how lovely you two are.

04/02/2017 8:22am

You are such a great photographer. I am sure it wasn't easy for you to capture these moments.

08/11/2017 7:16am

I like to share this interesting post thank you so much.


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