Sometimes a simple photo in front of a house is just as meaningful as a full photoshoot.  This is life in action - being together until old age and still very happy together.  And quite spry, I might add, as well!


It must be my extreme good luck to have got a chance to see such a beautiful picture! They really look happy together. This is indeed a lovely shot that they will forever treasure. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you could share more photos like this.

08/29/2017 4:12am

Let's take this moment to appreciate this photo. Look how beautiful their smiles are. This may be a simple photo, but this tells a thousand words, I can feel their happiness and positivity in life. You don't have to spend much just for a photo, a simple pose will do because that is the most appreciated rather than over decorated photos. I really appreciate this picture, moments like this are rare. A photo will look professional, because it will depend on how it is captured and with the background. keep posting pictures like this.

05/17/2017 7:48am

They look trully happy. I love this photo so much! You are a real professional.

07/08/2017 10:13am

This photo is so cute! Was it hard for you to capture such beatiful moment?


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