Does your family enjoy activities such as fishing together?  Sometimes those "simple" family moments are what make the best photoshoots - truly living and enjoying time together.  This was a snapshot of my little boy being "just like his Daddy" fishing at a local lake here! Fun memories!


These individuals made the Kayaks utilizing the skin of creatures and an edge produced using wood.

07/25/2017 11:52pm

My son Ethan loves fish, he always wanted to see different kinds of it. Sometimes we go somewhere just to let him see different kinds of fish and let him feed it. He has his own at his room, and he calls it "Andy". It's like his best friend, he enjoys watching it swim and seeing it eat. We are planning to go and try fishing next weekend so that my son will experience how do fishers catch their fish. My husband sometimes go fishing with his colleagues every Saturday. I am happy to read your blog and know something about fishing. Thank you!

05/01/2017 8:18am

My family enjoy the fishing a lot. We all go for fishing on weekends together. It is the most enjoyable time for us. The lake is almost 5 km far from my house. Now I am planned to visit River on next weekends.

07/02/2017 12:03am

There are a lot of ways to go bond with your children. And fishing is one good example of it. Because when fishing you can do a lot when you are with your son. You can talk with him and ask what are the things want in life and etc. And you get to enjoy when you both caught a fish! I hope that you stayed close to your son because they grow up really fast!

05/31/2017 6:12am

Simply break out your compact, lightweight, kayak fishing hand paddle. Stow that unwieldy seven foot kayak paddle.

06/15/2017 3:54pm

It's an amazing family activity. I enjoy fishing with my kids. What about you?

08/11/2017 3:54am

I A happy to see that.

08/14/2017 3:29am

It is totally interesting look

08/20/2017 11:10am

Yeah! I enjoy fishing with my dad. We do that quite often. What about you?

09/13/2017 10:37am

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