Does your family enjoy activities such as fishing together?  Sometimes those "simple" family moments are what make the best photoshoots - truly living and enjoying time together.  This was a snapshot of my little boy being "just like his Daddy" fishing at a local lake here! Fun memories!
Sometimes a simple photo in front of a house is just as meaningful as a full photoshoot.  This is life in action - being together until old age and still very happy together.  And quite spry, I might add, as well!
It was a joy to shoot the Beverly family on a beautiful July evening! The weather was gorgeous, and the lighting accented the cheerful colors that portrayed their family so well! I loved the colors they chose and I hope the Beverlys had just as much fun as I did! Check out their very photogenic likenesses below!
The whole family all decked out in very cheerful beach colors!
To me seeing two people very much in love - even (or especially) after 25 years of marriage - is a very special sentiment to capture for memories!
The lighting was perfect for capturing this sibling shot